8 gennaio 2014 in Random

This past summer Sosolimited Studio developed the winning proposal for the lobby of the new headquarters of the Center for Strategic and International Studies. This non-partisan think tank is a leader in global issues, energy policy, defense, and health. In preparation for their move into a brand new building on K Street CSIS asked a number of interactive design studios to submit ideas for their atrium. Their proposal is for a global data clock, a grand chandelier that reacts to world news and displays real-time information across a map of light.

The CSIS identity is a pixelated map of the globe. We turned that map into an interactive surface of point-lights. The map is extruded into a collection of hanging pendant lights. These individual fixtures become a large floating chandelier, with a surface that undulates throughout the space of the atrium.

The pendants of the chandelier are geographically coded pixels that can show global statistics such as GDP growth, energy production and consumption, and natural resource availability. They can also point to regions of the world being discussed by CSIS. The goal was to present the researchers and experts of CSIS with a snapshot of the the globe built from the same data they use in their daily work. The entire system is dynamic, animating through the day.