“a million times” by Humans Since 1982

30 ottobre 2014 in Random

The A Million Times is a graphically conceptual, mechanical and engineered based design project relating the digital and alphanumerical type font possibilities of the typical analog clock when combined in groups. By their escape from a solely pragmatic existence, an entirely new time based visual expression is created through the choreographic potential of rotating clock hands. Locked in its functionality to show the time, the natural character inherent to an analogue clock with its two arms constantly dancing in slow motion around the centre, unveils hidden figurative qualities without denying its primary purpose.

Title: A million times
Year: 2013
Dimension: 344cm x 180cm x 5cm
Number of single clocks: 288
Edition: prototype

Photo credits: Tim Meier


Humans Since 1982 are interested in interest itself. Their claim is to arouse curiosity by creating material hints of how the world might be. Both born in 1982, Per Emanuelsson (Sweden) and Bastian Bischoff (Germany) founded their studio in 2008 during their Master graduation at the School of Design and Crafts (HDK) Gothenburg. Before they met at HDK, Per completed a Master of Science at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and Bastian studied Communication Design at HTWG in Konstanz, Germany. Since 2010 they are based in Stockholm.